Learn about the measures we have introduced in order to protect you.

Our production plants are role models as regards health control measures. TODAY, more than
ever, we incorporate additional measures to take care of what is truly important for us: our
employees, our employees’ families, our customers and our products’ quality.
1- Our employees health care.
Among our employees, we identify which of them are vulnerable or people with risk factors.
2- Prevention measures.
Those employees who have been in close contact settings or had a close contact with a potential
positive case, are preventively isolated.
In some cases, the chores were reassigned, and, in other cases, the employees were provided with
the appropriate equipment in order to perform their tasks at home.
3- Admission protocols.
We incorporated new measures to our daily preventive proceedings in order to reduce risks:
temperature monitoring at the plant’s entrance, disinfection and admission kit (it includes a
mask, gloves, alcohol, a cap, etc.).
Operators dealing with transport are specifically controlled: we created a new area with separated
baths and changing rooms. This way, we avoid their contact with our plant personnel.
Disinfection of transport units.
4- Health and safety:
We incorporated control measures within our plant by increasing the cleaning, disinfection and
ventilation intervals to a minimum of three times a day, using alcohol and chlorinated water.
We see each other less! We incorporated a new circulation circuit to avoid contact during working
In the dining room, there are specific areas and established schedules, every employee uses
personal tableware and there is alcohol gel available for everyone.
5- Education y communication.
We are aware of the importance of information, that is why we invited health experts to answer our
employees’ questions and help us communicate accurate information to their families.
It is important to be present, for this reason we created specific committees to stay
informed of the potential risks, and be able to prevent and take care of every employee.
We also incorporated billboards, where we post official and updated information.
We know how to behave because we created a protocol to be followed in cases where potential
positive cases are detected, thus enabling us to protect our employees by acting promptly and